Lacey Howard


English Cottage

When Kim West had the idea of making her dining room larger to accommodate frequent guests, she never dreamed it would result in a whole-house renovation. “I’ve...

Clean & Modern

With a second child on the way, Katie Bee and Seton Marshall were ready to add on to their Mountain Brook home in late 2012. “We weren’t...

Timeless Classic

Twin Construction teamed up with interior designer Shea Bryars to create a light, airy kitchen that sets the stage for cooking, music, and fun.

Tradition with a Twist

In late 2011, Chris Reebals of Christopher Architecture & Interiors, consulted with a couple on the purchase of a 1960s Vestavia Hills home. “The kitchen was...

Professional Help

With additions made by former owners, this Crestline home seemed a good fit for Aimee and Wil Puckett and son McGivern. Still, upon first look, ...

A Family of Friends

Full house is quite an understatement when all eleven families of Supper Club gather—the Edgeworths, Sains, Hartsfields, Jennings, Douthits, Manowns, Garlingtons, ...

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