Paige Townley


Point of View

Finding everything desired in a home isn’t always easy. But when Kristin and Bill Ritter came across this five bedroom, four-and-a-half bathroom retreat in South Ridge...

Inside Out

Create living spaces and fabulous places both inside and out with cozy courtyards inspired by the homes of Alys Beach.

Traditional with a Twist

Traditional style gets tweaked with graphic prints and boosts of color in this Mountain Brook home. A bold and bright holiday scheme further accentuates the sophisticated interiors.

Nature by Design

There are obviously lots of things to consider when building a new home. For Brenda and Howard Chapman, one of the main considerations was creating a warm and...

Simple Sophistication

When Adele and Stites Whatley turned to Chris Reebals of Christopher Architecture and Interiors to design their new home in the Moore’s Mill Club neighborhood in Auburn, their...

The Flavors of Pepper Place

Reminiscent of its original days of making cola and baking biscuits, Pepper Place is now a thriving revitalization in one of the Magic City’s historic downtown districts.

Beach Refinements

DESIGN TIP Choose furniture designed for outdoor living. The white sofa and chairs are beachy and pretty but if they aren’t made from washable or outdoor fabrics, ...

At Home with Babbie Styslinger

   Babbie Styslinger’s eclectic, almost flea market style has catapulted her 18th Street shops into customer favorites when it comes to finding the latest home décor options....

House & Garden

ABOVE Nature takes center stage in the family room as sweeping views seamlessly blend inside and outside spaces together.    When interior designer Beth Dillard first laid...

Antique Remix

For many homeowners, a new house means totally new décor. But for this Mountain Brook couple, the right mix was found in the architecture and a treasured antique collection.

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