Paige Townley


The Flavors of Pepper Place

Reminiscent of its original days of making cola and baking biscuits, Pepper Place is now a thriving revitalization in one of the Magic City’s historic downtown districts.

Beach Refinements

DESIGN TIP Choose furniture designed for outdoor living. The white sofa and chairs are beachy and pretty but if they aren’t made from washable or outdoor fabrics, ...

At Home with Babbie Styslinger

   Babbie Styslinger’s eclectic, almost flea market style has catapulted her 18th Street shops into customer favorites when it comes to finding the latest home décor options....

House & Garden

ABOVE Nature takes center stage in the family room as sweeping views seamlessly blend inside and outside spaces together.    When interior designer Beth Dillard first laid...

Antique Remix

For many homeowners, a new house means totally new décor. But for this Mountain Brook couple, the right mix was found in the architecture and a treasured antique collection.

Rooms to Grow

Whether sensitive and shy or loud and outgoing, every kid’s personality is different. See how three designers created youthful yet sophisticated spaces that capture their individuality.

Shop Local: Crestline Village

Crestline Village has been focused on family since Mountain Brook was first developed in the late 1920s. Situated in the heart of downtown you’ll find parents and children walking...

Modern Makeover

With numerous antique family heirlooms but also a flair for all things modern, one family found a happy medium by mixing in transitional pieces with bold, daring style.

Inside John Fleer's Canyon Kitchen

It’s been seven years since Chef John Fleer left Blackberry Farm, leaving behind a legacy of farm-to-table fare that helped spark a new movement in food. And...

Warm Welcome

Cashiers, North Carolina, is not a place you visit only once. For generations, families have returned to the area again and again to enjoy afternoons...

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